Dodge LA Launches SRT Hellcat Apparel Line

Dodge LA Launches SRT Hellcat Apparel Line

Dodge Hellcat Clothing Shirt
Embodying the bold lifestyle of the Dodge SRT Hellcat, the Dodge LA Store is happy to announce the launch of our exclusive new line of SRT Hellcat shirts.

Inspired by the sleek artistry and precision tuning of Dodge’s SRT line, including the SXT, GT, R/T, R/T Scat Pack, SRT Hellcat, and SRT Hellcat Redeye, these shirts feature cool new takes on the iconic Dodge Stripes - including bold red roses, white smoke, and straight-up cash money.

More Money = More Problems​ fills the Dodge Stripes with cash and includes iconic words to live by. The ​Los Angeles Rose Stripes​ pair the Dodge Stripes with bright red roses and sleek “Los Angeles” lettering.

Smoke the competition with these ​Scat Pack Smoke​ shirts, available in Black or White - both featuring the red Dodge Stripe and inspired by the speed and power of the Scat Pack 1320’s 6.4L Chrysler Hemi Engine.

You don’t have to back up an armored truck of money for the ​Hellcat Truck​ shirt, which adds the iconic SRT Hellcat brand to a bold new chassis. If you’re not having fun with the SRT Hellcat, what’s the point?

Head to the LA Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Store to pick up these bold new styles now!